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1990 Toyota Celsior - Cold Starting Issue

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My 1990 Celsior has a small issue when starting cold. At first it idles fine but the problem begins when put in gear. I reverse out the driveway and when i come to a stop the rpm drop and the car turns off. I can overcome this problem by holding the gas pedal down lightly and all it takes is a 2 second drive down the road the the problems gone.

Any ideas whats causing the car to turn off? Its annoying me as sometimes i need to start it 2-3 times to get going.

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Check your idle air control valve. It's the round black thing located right in the top font centre of the engine.

These are known to clog up. Remove it and clean the gunk from it with some WD40 or similar.

Also, check for any vacuum leaks around the manifold and intake track.

It might be a combination of several things causing the car to stall when cold.

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