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Hi Guys,

Hoping someone will know the right way to do this. I'm in the process of replacing all of my lights to LED however I am suck with the rear dome light.

I've googled and searched but cant find the 'how to' remve the rear dome light housing to replace the globe in my IS250.

Does anyone know how. Ive managed to take a sneek peak between the dome light housing and roof and can see there are some small blue plastic clips holding it to the roof but dont want to yank it down too hard incase i break something



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You should only have to remove the white plastic cover to get to the two festoon bulbs in the dome light housing. Removing the whole housing itself is redundant. There should be a little slot in the white plastic cover on the edge where you can slide a trim removing tool or a screwdriver (make sure you tape it up so you don't gouge the housing)to remove the cover.

Try this link 3:11 is where you should be looking at.

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