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Lexus Gs450H 2008 Maintenance Cost


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hi everyone,

i am considering getting a gs450h (year 2008) for daily travelling between home and Melbourne which is about 100 km daily. I have been thinking about other options such as infiniti m37s and honda legend 2011. I personally like both the infiti and gs450h but never own an lexus before so don't know about the maintenance and the Lexus dealer service here in Victoria.

Would you be able to share your experience on the cost per km and the dealer service here in Victoria? Can i obtain the indication of the estimate costs for service schedule for the gs450h somewhere? Any recommended service centre in North Melbourne?

Thanks guys



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Hi Tom,

I bought a 2006 GS450h a couple of years ago - absolutely the best car I have ever owned. It is a fully featured (despite its age it has almost all the high-end features you see today on a luxury sedan) sports saloon with enormous power and performance - plus the luxury sedan ride comfort and handling.

I live in Sydney so cannot comment on the servicing arrangements or costs in Victoria. All dealer servicing is expensive irrespective of brand - and of course Lexus is a high-end brand so you can expect to pay accordingly. Having said that, the standard of service is high and you have the comfort of knowing (hopefully) that they will spot any issues before they develop in major concerns. I alternate services between a Lexus dealer and a very good local mechanical service shop, to smooth out the cost. Pick up the phone and have a chat to the service manager of a Lexus dealership down there about servicing costs - I'm sure you'll find them very helpful.

Fuel economy? I have done a couple of long trips (Sydney/Brisbane and Sydney/Melbourne) and have achieved 6.9l/100km with careful driving. Normally I drive it too hard to achieve that around town and its typically 8+.

Good luck.


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