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Ok, so I'm bored and figured I might as well make a members ride thread after owning the car for almost a year. A lot of this is copied from another forum so yea some of it might not make sense lol.

Used to own a Toyota jzx100 chaser, quick video and photo before it was sold.

IMG_0027.jpg 1IMG_9976.jpg

bunch of us in our jzx' cruised to WTAC in 2011.

So I sold my old jzx to Andi (JDM32) on jzx100 forums at the start of last year because I was wanted a luxury car. Found this video that I forgot that I put on youtube.. oh dear haha

He has actually done what I would have loved to do, manual and almost 300kws etc... his thread: http://www.jzx100.co...rk-side-toyota/

I spent ages trying to first decide what car I wanted that would also fit into my budget. I've always liked Nissans skyline 370gts coupe, BMW e90/e92 and the Lexus is250. End of the day, I know I would have been tempted to modify the 370gt too much, as well as needing a small loan. This also put an e92 out the window as they were around the 30k mark as well. The e90's were cheaper than the IS250s, but after test driving one, I wasn't much of a fan. I even considered 350z and the late model Maximas J32s at one stage because a family friend manages a nissan dealership and he could get me one at a good price but I wasn't sold on the exterior. So after months of searching and deciding, I decided the Lexus was the way to go. Being a Toyota after all, I knew they were reliable, parts are reasonably priced and having zero problems with the chaser also aided in my decision.

Now I was fairly picky because too me I was spending a lot of money, so I wanted an IS with less than 100,000kms, sunroof, satnav and it also couldn't be the colour silver.

So after about 10months of searching, one popped up in SA at good price. I went down with the old man to have a look and it had everything I was after, so I put a deposit down and picked it up a few days later.


Standard carwash photos the night I picked it up.



Colour is a bit like the 6N9 jzx green.. metallic blue when the light shines on it, but looks black at night.


I promised myself I wasn't going to modify it after spending way too much money on the xmas plow, so hids and tint were the only things I wanted for it.

So they were the first things I ordered, HIDS and LEDs for the fogs/parkers.


So after owning the IS for a month or so, I was loving it because it was so comfy and the fuel economy for everyday driving was great.. but wondered how it would go on an interstate drive.. so my mate's cousin worked for Monster Energy and he hooked us up with free corporate VIP tickets to the monster tent at the F1s in Melbourne at the start of the year. Amazing weekend, free alcohol, food, merchandise, etc. flights were a bit steep because we only got the tickets a week before the weekend and I figured, why not drive there... ended up doing the whole trip (1800ish kms) on about 2 tanks($180 between 3 of us). I was impressed but annoyed because got quite a few stone chips on the bonnet even though we taped half of it up sad.png.


Amazing sound.. (dodgy phone quality video)


peasants.. sitting out there in the rain wishing they were us laugh.png


To be continued...

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alright, so after a while I got sick of it being all 4x4 spec and was tossing up between coilovers or lowered springs. I ended up deciding with lowered springs because a bloke on here in VIC was selling his IS. So I asked if he would be willing to sell his Roadmagnet lowered springs and after some discussion, he agreed. This was the start of me doing exactly what I didn't want to do.. :/

So they came and I installed them straight away. Only have this terrible picture which you can't even tell how much lower it is. Was a 2" drop all round and with a full car, the exhaust and front bar scraped on even the smallest bump with the small stockies tongue.png.


And of course.. I had to get wheels now.. so, I was considering a number of different ones, Varrstoen es2 and es6, Work Varianza T1s (my old wheels), 22" chromies, Work vs-xx and a few others. I was pretty set on getting 19" but was a bit unsure about the offsets so a mate let me try his CST 18" 9.5 +23 all round on.


The rears were flush, but the fronts had too much poke. I wanted at least 9.5+30 or equivalent at the front and there was a set of Varianza T1s in 19" 9.5 +32 all round that I was strongly considering because the Varrstoen es6 for sale in Aus were only 9.5/10.5 +12 or +22.. But then I found out in the states they were about to release 9.5+30, I placed my order for a set in 19" 9.5+30 and 9.5 +22. Now I'm already coping a lot of *BLEEP* for 'copy' wheels but I honestly couldn't care less. They took less than a week to arrive from USA and by the time I put tyres on them they were about $600 cheaper than the Varianzas would have cost me. Brand new wheels/tyres without any rash or scratches, unlike the Varianzas..



19/225/35 all round.






The rears would just touch the guard over small bumps and going up my driveway so these came out to play..


Only a tiny bit of paint cracking on the inside of the guards. The fronts scrub a bit on the fender lining over big bumps but not too worried about that at the moment.

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