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Looking At Buying Is200/300

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Hey everyone, im in process of considering my next car and have been looking at IS's. Im coming from a nissan patrol GQ TD42 turbo, and really just don't use it offroad much and also getting sick of fuel ecconomy (14-16ltrs per 100km) and handling around town. I'm looking for a nice luxury crusing car with some power when needed.

My question to everyone is am i better off starting with IS200? I've come to realise that IS300's are quite rare around queensland. Are usually been used as drifting cars? And i see manuals in IS300's are very rare, so are the auto's ok?

Also would it be worth the effort to try and hunt down a decent IS300? As for power wise im not overly too worried but would like too keep up with say a holden commodore.

Thanks brent.

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I have a 2003 IS300. Aussies IS300's are only Autos. The IS300 is slighty more front heavy because of the 2jzge in the front instead of the 1gfe of the IS200. Most parts are completely interchangable.

I choose the IS300 because they are quite uncommon and sometimes you can grab a bargin(I got mine less than a similar IS200 at the time). I don't think the 2JZ will quit anytime soon(I am past 300,000kms). The 2jzge is shared across the Toyota and Lexus range so I thought engine mods and parts would be easier than the 1GFE. The rear diff and axles are larger than the IS200, so if you wanted to do an engine swap the rear end doesn't need to be changed. I also have been told I get better fuel economy than IS200s. IS300s also have HID headlights which come in handy at night but cost a fortune to replace. All IS300's should have the electric and heated fronts seats. I have kept up or beaten SV6 commodores, a few WRXs, S15, 370Z and 350Z at the lights.

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Thanks for the reply! I think the IS300 is the one for me, just trying to find one is going to be the hard part. Most i've seen are in nsw and im in queensland may have to do a trip for one.

Cheers brent

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