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hey guy,

I have recently brought myself a ls400 (yesturday) and thought id jump on this forum to
hopfully gain some more knowledge about these cars, i still also own a
s13 silvia and have owned skyline's, 300zx, ect aswell. iv brought this
car really not knowing much about them beside the fact most people dont
like them and there hard to work on, i guess i brought is as a sper of
the moment and my brother has had a celsior before and never had much
troble with it and there comfy as to drive!

i do have a few quick questions, is there any good online sites that sell genuine/aftermarket parts?

and what sort of stuff should i be replacing, servicing ect?


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Go on to a website called PARTS TRAIN from the US.... OEM equipment available (Nippon Denso, Aisan etc) at seriously low prices. Congratulations on buying a Lexus LS 400..the most reliable car ever made...(US statistics)

Mac Warrops

Sydney and Wollombi

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