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I've had 1 MK1 GS300, 2 x new MK2 GS300, 1 MK3 GS430 in the UK and 1 here in AU.

I've had nothing but Lexus since 1994. When the lease on my AU GS430 ended after 5 years, I looked around, thought very seriously about a 2010+ GS460, tried a new GS350, and decided that the handling and drive was just not good enough (plus this time it really did look like a Toyota).

Luckily I get to drive a lot of different cars and was really impressed with a Mercedes S-class I tried in the UK. On the back of that I decided to try a recent CLS500 and loved it. Both my wife and I think it is a much better car than the Lexus and above all it is much more of a feel good car. The engine and handling are truly awesome and the torque is addictive.

I'm not writing this to complain about Lexus as I think I can safely say I've been a bit of a brand amabassador, but I'm so pleased we bought something different. Lexus need to match the interiors and equipment levels it already has within its own cars with the external styling, torque, handling and "feel good" of its competitors. Simple as.

Hopefully soon there will be something else that will appeal, but I don't see anything at this point except maybe the GS-F. (I'd still recommend a late GS430 for sub $20K as a very good value and reliable car though).


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