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Upgrade Audio System in RX350 2006 Prestige with GPS Unit and CD Player

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I Have 2 lexuses RX350 2006

One Racking RX350 2006 Sports Luxury and second RX350 2006 Prestige which has no GPS unit

I want to take the GPS from SPORT LUXURY and INSTALL in Prestige 


I have asked a few opinions from Car Audio Specialist and they say it is Super complicated and may take full days to complete the transition.

I have already removed GPS unit from Racking LEX and it did not take me that long 1.5 hour approx 


Major complication i found is the amplifier and cable provisioning for GPS which need be installed in the boot. It can be taken from the old LEX but not sure if amplifier also need to be upgraded and Steering wheel as well which has Phone Pick up Buttons that is also can be transferred. 


SO QUESTION IS CAN anyone do it? And how much will it cost. I don't plan to go to official dealer with this 2006 model as it will cost me too much 

I estimate professional can do it in 4-5 hours at $60-$80 Ph am I reasonable here?


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So what I have discovered is Yes it is possible and yes it is Super expensive

2-3 days $850 per day

Basically because there is no cable provisioning done all the cables from Old Lex need to be transferred to the new one including Amplifier.

It means that half of the car need to be taken apart such as seats upholstery and door covers and then put all together.  

VERDICT NOT WORTH IT - will just stick with aftermarket GPS

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It can be made to work as long as you know what you are doing.

Generally swapping a nav into a non nav in the 2nd generation IS requires swapping the dash wiring, amplifier in the boot, and in your case the steering wheel.

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