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91 Celsior/LS400 No fuel Pump Power

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HI guys.


New here. I just snagged a celsior for the motor and interior but after getting it home I realise its a !Removed! beautiful vehicle and have decided to get it on the road.


Day one, no power. Previous owner had removed an aftermarket sound and lighting setup and did NOT bother to put it back together. I sorted it out and now it cranks fine. However the keyfob is pretty well screwed and messes with the immobilizer. 

Now I have it cranking and all interior electrics are working, including the massage seats which I thought would have been out of action by now.

The issue I have now is there is no fuel. No fuel pump prime that I can hear. I am new to these cars but I have searched forums and can only find forums that are left open ended as the op's nearly never post the resolutions they find if any at all. 


I located the fuel pump relay in the front right ( a lone yellow relay under its own cover ( 4 parallel pins)). It was coroded so I cleaned it with contact cleaner. No go.. Used a multimeter and battery tester to check the relay socket, no power to be found.

ANy tips would be greatly appreciated. 

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