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As of two weeks ago I became a newbie to this forum, having purchased a RC 350 F-Sport three months ago. Previous 12 years have been Alfa Romeo adventures, fortunately without any issues. My last was a 100th anniversary GT, and was sorry to part with it. Great cars. Actually did not have any intention of parting with it (sold it interstate on Carsales the same day it was posted). Saw the ad for the F-Sport upgrade at no additional cost on a Thursday night and went in the next day and bought one. I must admit with some trepidation. But I am not disappointed. Quite the contrary. My only criticism is the exhaust note. After having Italian V6s with their distinctive exhaust notes, I purchased and imported a full Invidia catback system that was installed by the Lexus dealership (with no impact on warranty). But after a couple of weeks determined that it was too aggressive. At low revs it had a terrific growl, but around 3,500 rpm it was ‘aggressive’. So had Lexus remove it and it is now for sale on EBay. Excellent quality but obviously designed with younger persons in mind.

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Welcome to the forums

You could perhaps keep the axle back and install it onto the factory mid section.

This will give you a much less aggressive tone while keeping the growl at throttle.

Some people have only used the mid section but personally I think it sounds horrible.

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Actually I had Lexus remove the axle back and put the OEM mufflers back on. Drove it for a while and did not like it. Had them remove the mid-pipe and now have Tanabe, which was installed a week ago. Happy with that. 

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Yeah, I was going to suggest Tanabe which is a lot more softer than the Invidia.

Other than that I would suggest the Ark Grip.

For a subtle note I would just simply use the factory mids and change the axle.

Glad you're happy with your choice.

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Thank you for the advice. I have kept the OEM mids and just the Tanabe axle back. The Invidia system is obviously intended for someone much younger. 40 years ago maybe? But really impressed with the quality of the system, particularly the cross-over on the mids.

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