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Hi all , I recently purchased a 1995 ls 400 with 247,202 klms. About 500 klms ago it had 2 new exhaust gaskets, 4 front and rear 02 sensors replaced and the ECU unit removed and repaired by previous owner. Car drives like new. Could someone please help with a few questions. 1. Radio reception is very poor. Manual says 40klm limit for reception. Can I fix this or is it normal ? 2. I know it's illegal but can I remove and replace catalytic converters with straight pipe and does it affect anything ECU wise etc. and are there 2 or 3 cat. converters on car. I am looking at removing rear mufflers/ silencer's to give it a bit of a gurgle as I've read on U.S. Lexus forums. Anyone done this or similar ? 3.  I'm looking at getting the timing belt done . What would be a fair amount to pay ? Cheers Mark.

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Forgot about timing belt
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i removed rear mufflers. sounds great. was going to remove third cat.. put a x pipe.. but didnt get back to doing that.  if you are on the throttle its nice, when coasting still silent.

sure it would still pass test with only two cats.. not three.  would it even get tested.. just for pink slip? maybe for blue slip..


i use to do timing belts myself on all my toyota's but next time i am just going to pay someone to do water pump / timing belt for me. but wont be cheap..  you could order the "full" kit on ebay save some money.


i had a ls400 blue colour that year.


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