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Hi all


I picked up a 2000 model is200 recently that has a sunroof that is not working.

When I press either the tilt or open button you can hear the motor start and then it stops with no movement of the glass at all.

I have checked the 30A sunroof fuse and its OK, and the 10A ECU-IG fuse is also fine.  I believe there is power to the motor just fine.  If I do this while the car is on but not running I can see the dash lights briefly dim slightly when the motor starts - so it kinda looks like the motor wants to work but is jamming up or its just normal and the motor is hitting a limits switch or something - either way, to me it indicates that a decent amount of current is being drawn as opposed to just some control circuit energizing.

I pulled the motor out and checked the brushes and gearing.  There was a bit of dirt there and while the motor spins freely, the gear that mates into the roof mechanism was a little rusty and very dry.  Cleaned it all up and re-installed it all with the exact same results.

Were do I go now - can anyone recommend some further checks to do?

I have seen a few comments around that talk about initializing the ECU that runs the roof, but that seems to start from the tilt open position - and I can;t get to that position yet so I think that initialization is not the issue yet.

Do these sunroofs have a habit of jamming up in the mech - do I need to pull the roof apart now and lub it all up and make sure its moving or is there some other simpler check/step I can do.

Thanks everyone



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