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2009 RX 350 AC Problem - Compressor cut off

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Hi everyone,

I have a 2009 RX 350 that has developed a problem recently. So to try and make this short the problem is with the air conditioner. On a hot day say when it is over 35C or 40C the air conditioner starts to work fine and maybe about 5-10 minutes later starts to blow hot air. So what is happening is the compressor cuts out. But when you browse to the AC menu on screen it still has green lit up on AC. So what i do is toggle that screen AC switch off and on again and this brings the compressor back to action and cools like no problem. And the crazy thing is it continues to run fine throughout the journey without turning off again. It puzzles me why this happens? Mostly happens if the car was sitting out in hot sun before I got in. On days that are 35C+ if I drove out of my garage the air compressor will not stop but continue normally. On days less hotter this never happens. 

Any ideas or areas to check? Would be much appreciated. 

Thank you. 

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