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Suspension enquiry

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. Recently rescued a 2004 IS200 (gxe10r) in desperate need of some TLC. I want to replace the suspension with coilovers but there is so much conflicting information on compatability using the year, make and model. Can anyone tell me if the 2004 IS200 gxe is the same as the 2004 IS300 jce as far as suspension goes? 

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They are very similar sharing many parts, the main difference is that the IS300 (JCE, 2jz motor) is a lot heavier in the front end and has heavier springs and dampers. So while you can swap coilovers, you may need to change the springs. IS200's have two varieties as well, the more family orientated 6 cyl GXE and the sportier 4 cyl SXE (Altezza) which also have different springs and shocks, but the differences are small. (edited in) JZX110 (1jz motor) suspension parts also fit and have similar springs and dampers to the IS300.

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