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New owner of NX300 Sports Luxury


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Hi everyone. New owner of a Lexus and member of this forum.

My wife mainly drives this lovely vehicle and we’ve been mostly very happy.

Sound system, handling in sports +, drive feel, braking, off road all very very good.

Downers have been poor and disappointing mileage economy and tank range.

in eco mode with very sedate driving on highway, only getting 400kms max on tank running 98 premium.

Recent trip from Sydney to Melbourne and back through Vic country saw many petrol stops.

However biggest issue and gripe is turbo engine noise on acceleration from cold and normal start.

Has anyone else come across what sounds like a siren when touching accelerator either from still or driving?

Any comments or suggestions as it’s now driving my wife and I mad.

Dealer has replaced some pipes under bonnet and car has been back three times but still this noise which we think is turbo noise.

I’ve has 4 cars previously with turbos and never had noise like this.

any suggestions comments or other gratefully received.

Thank you.

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