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Lexus Personalised Settings - Auto Door Lock after driving

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TOPIC: Auto Door Lock
TYPE: Question

Hi Guys,

I have been having a look at Lexus SC430 Owner's Clubs in the U.S. and the U.K. to try and find out about this but no definitive answers as of yet. For those who have other Lexus models and have auto door lock functions after reaching a certain speed, I am trying to see if this function is available for my '05 SC430. According to Lexus Personalised Settings for the North American variant this feature is not standard and can be enabled. It says that once the vehicle's speed has reached 13mph (~21kph) it will automatically lock the doors. This is part of the anti-carjacking features available in this car. I have this feature enabled as stock on my RX400h and would really like this feature on my SC430.

There was a guy in the U.S. who did it on is own using the following instructions:

1. Close all doors
2. Turn key to the ON position
3. Within 10 seconds, shift the gear to 'N'
4. Press and Hold either door lock or unlock on the driver's side for 5 seconds then release
5. The car will then automatically lock then unlock to inform you that the auto lock function is now enabled

Others who tried this method didn't have much luck though.

If anyone here in our beautiful Straya has got this to work I'd love to know.

Do I really have to deal with the boneheads at the dealership or can I do this myself?

I have also attached the Lexus Personalised Settings for the SC430 that I found on the corresponding U.S. forum for the SC430.





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