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Brake Upgrades_Insurance Issues

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Hi there,

I have an 2003 IS300 that's been running Supra TT calipers / rotors for the last 7-8 years.

The car is still running the 2JZ-GE but does have a couple of mods ( R154 & coil-overs).

Anyhow; my insurer's premiums are starting to grate so I decided this might be a good time to re-aquaint myself with the fine print before looking around.

Bottom line is - the brake situation has me worried.

RMS Light Vehicle Modification Guide states quite clearly that non-standard calipers and/or rotors require Certification; which is a deal-killer as the brake test costs $1200-1500 plus; and that bird's never going to fly.  That said, the Supra TT BBK is currently sold by quite a number of Lexus dealers in the USA, which would seem to imply this set-up is officially sanctioned. Told RMS about this & they said I would have to contact Lexus Australia & get that in writing. Good luck with that. . .

For this reason I'd VERY interested to hear from anyone running a BBK who has filed an insurance claim (esp with Shannoins, Ryno or Enthusiast) and how that process went. 

I'm damned if I'm going to throw $$$ at my insurer every month knowing I will probably be shafted if I ever need to make a claim.

As much as I love these brakes (and they ARE awesome); unless I receive a compelling reason to do otherwise; I will probably convert them back to stock for peace of mind.


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