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Can you help with part number please

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Hello fellow F'ers

I hope you're all having a nice day, I would be very grateful please if somebody could provide me please with the part number or numbers require to order the Australian version of this:


It's a long story, but I live in the UK, and over here American and European car manufacturers never bothered putting RHD stalks on the cars they sold here (I guess they felt it was enough to move the wheel) so when our car industry died in the 90s it meant the only ones selling RHD cars with RHD stalks were the Japanese and by the early 2000s they had given up too, so now all cars sold here use LHD stalks, even ones made in Japan and shipped.

Thus I'm trying to source a set of RHD ISF stalks to swap onto my car, as I grew up with UK and Japanese cars and hate using LHD stalks.

Thank you for your time. 



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