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Is200 3 Litre Turbo Conversion

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Hi all!

I am new to this forum and am looking for some opinions. I am in the UK and it proving difficult to find an IS 300 as the 200 is much more popular over here. The IS 200 is, as im sure you all know, is not the most excitable car to drive when it comes to the power department. The IS300 has the 3 ltr V6 lump in it and i had a thought... What if, a 3Ltr turbo lump from a Toyota Supra could be grafted into the front of the IS!? :blink: (This is a 1998 Lexus IS im looking at here, by the way) I think the supra engine is a V6 so i am assuming (which is not always a good thing to do) that the mountings and casings would be very similar? This, in theory would make it a pretty straight forward drop in job.

So.. Does anyone know if this kind of project is possible and if it has been done before? Any advice would be greatly appreciated so let me know you feelings and ideas.

Cheers :)


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The IS300 is a 6 cylinder in-line engine - 2JZ-GE - the non-turbo version of the awesome 2JZ-GTE from the Supras.

I have fitted the 1JZ-GTE engine into an IS200. This is the 2.5litre version of the Supra motor.

Makes for a very fast IS200 car but was a little expensive to do the conversion. For instance the gearbox also has to be replaced as the engine has too much power for the standard box.



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