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P Plate Restrictions

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hey all,

this is the first time writing in to one of these forums.

can anyone please tell me whether it is legal in victoria to drive the toyota soarer 2.5L twin turbo or 4L V8 or the 3.0L 6cyl non turbo on ur p's.

i cant even get a consistant weight to use to calculate the power to weight ratio. (vicroads told me of a soarer having a tare weight of 1200kg!!!) i thought they weigh 1600kg. can anyone please tell me an accurate weight aswell.

i think the 3L non turbo is alryt to hav on ur p's but i really want the TT or the V8 at least.



p.s any advice would be much appreciated :)

p.ss cananyone tell me the tare weight on the rego sticker plz

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In my opinion, dont touch any Soarers if you are still on your P's.

Get something cheaper to beat around and thrash.

The 1jz can be a daunting first turbo car given the sudden torque that comes on from the two turbos. The v8's also tend to move sideways on your first couple of runs. (I havent been in the na 2jz, no comment).

Insurance is a dandy as well! I know places in Perth ask up to $5000 a year for the 1jz for P platers.

As for weight, without fluids and people in the car, the v8's are around 1640kg, 1jz around 1560kg and the na 2jz around 1540kg.

Of course, depending on what factory options you have the weight changes dramatically. Electric seats add nearly 40kg, airbag suspension on the limiteds add more.. blah blah blah.

A safe assumption is about 1750kg curb weight (with fluids)

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