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a great welcome, thanks guys, i be here more often...

anyways, sam H, no mods on car yet, . not owned the car for long either..

HKGS300, yip still should be going to HKG, not taking car there! found this site from lexusownerclub...or toyota club... i didnt realise i had to register to use nz forum, as UK & NZ lexusownerclub is same family.

keith, is those headlights really green?! seems to be like that on all your altezza pics!red looks good, my last 2 cars were red, had to get different colour this time.

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Lol! Yes Mark, the headlights are green! Green vinyl over the glass with holes for lights.

I wanted something that would contrast with the deep red, and it is very eyecatching on the road. I thought the novelty would wear off after a week or two and my wife would take them off, but they're still there after nearly two years!

Apart from that and the same wing you have, the car is standard.


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