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Just getting excited about my new car arriving sooner

Hey for those already with the car how is it???? I bet it's a joy to drive. I have read on other forums around the globe that owners now even enjoy the simple things of just driving up to the shops in their new IS250 when asked, mind you taking the long way if there is one and if not creating a new way just to get milk :), before this it was a hassle. I'm a rep that drives all day on Sydney’s roads in traffic jams, car parks in the morning and night, added with defensive driving as i try to do my job. I'm starting to think i should be given a tax break for my saftey on the roads these days. I can't wait to drift away from all the misery of that.

Just got conformation from my dealer that the next shipment for the IS250 is due the 9th June. This is good news for me, soon I will be driving away in my new prestige with options pack and moon roof mid month now as apposed to late June, can't wait to see it in black with my new 18 inch wheels.


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Well I got my IS250 at last. I have posted these in an other reply also. These were taken at night under poor lighting conditions with my Nokia N70 Phone. I hope you think this car looks the goods like i do, i have had a few people say it has added musle to the car with the dish rims. I must admit i do drool looking at my car as i walk away from it looking back :)






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