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Tell Us About Yourself!


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Welcome to the Lexus Owners Club!

:D :D

This is the official "Introduce yourself" thread - so why don't we all stand up and tell everyone about ourselves?

I'll go first ;)

My name is Matthew McNally - normally get Matt or Matty - and I am one of the admins in these here parts.

I have an IS (check the sig) - you'll notice no performance enhancing mods - mainly due to the large thumbprint in the middle of my forehead ( :lol: )

We hope you'll find the forums useful and friendly!

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Just to follow Matt's lead....

Great to finally have the opportunity to unite all us southern hemisphere Lexus owners!

Gavin S here,based in Auckland NZ-I'll be the local support crew should any of you members have any queries relating to the local(nz/australian) Lexus and Altezza scene.

Still in early stages,but am looking forward to organising meets,gatherings and any other occasion we can come up with to show off and talk cars!

Great for a NZ club to finally have the support and resources of an established overseas panel of experts-cheers for the opportunity Matt.

Gav B)

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My name is Ifraz and I'm from Nottingham in the UK. Been driving my IS200SE for nearly a year now and still loving it :P

I'm an established member on the UK Lexus Owners Club site and find it very useful and most entertaining. ;)

Congratulations Matt on getting this site up and running. B)

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im Mat.......im also in the UK but work in europe, i have an IS2....but its being converted to 2jz-gte, i am one of the founders of the LOC empire along with Steve.I think i know everything about is200...i dont though, but if i dont know it, i know someone who does :)

ive driven the is430 ;)

and would like to point out i have very good contacts within Toyota Motorsport Europe (TME) Which is parent company to TTE,

so if ever theres that special little thing you need..................

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Welcome ifraz and Mat(nice sales pitch!)Glad to have you guys contributing to the club-cheers for all you help so far also Mat,muchly appreciated. B)

Paul Atkinson - nickname Ako to most people (number plate says the same). Drive a Yellow '99 IS200 RS Altezza with only mods being stainless muffler, Sony Xplod speakers etc. Live & drive in Christchurch and always keen to scope out other 'tezza's. 1 suggestion: if advertising merchandise (I gotta get the Fast & Luxurious T shirt!), please indicate if in Kiwi $ or it's just a link to the States.



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1 suggestion: if advertising merchandise (I gotta get the Fast & Luxurious T shirt!), please indicate if in Kiwi $ or it's just a link to the States.



Hey Paul!

welcome to the club fella!

sorry about that - the merchandise is in US$ sorry (although the exchange rate is really cool at the moment- for us in the UK anyway).

You do indeed need a Fast and Luxurious T-Shirt - I have one, and it rocks!

And it is gonna look really cool on someone with a Yellow 'tezza B)

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Hey all:

You guys would probly know who I m now, well some...:D I m Matthew and I live in Auckland, NZ, drives a 2002 IS300, pretty much stock except for the 20% legal tints (On my book), some JDm and 03 OEM stuff, will be getting some L-SPortline Products this year....OMG I love lsportline......hope to hear from many more owners soon....take care ppl...


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Hi Team, I'm Keith, also from Auckland. I bought Greeneyes for my wife's Christmas present in 2001. Wayne Richards from the Paeroa dealership had the green vinyl fitted, and they really makes it stand out. Wayne's keen on the Club, so if we need a dealer for anything he's there.

No mods to the car, the only thing it needs is a TDI turbo, which I'll work on slowly. (and don't park your Lexii in dark corners 'cos I'd love leather seats!)

I only get to drive when we go away for the weekend somewhere, and as we both have company cars the Altezza sits in the garage during the week.

The only other thing of note is that, being over 50, I think I'm the oldest member of the UK LOC and the local chapter!!

Too bad they didn't have IS200s when I was rallying! :lol:

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