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Soarer Engine Electrical Problems?

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Hi Huys

i got a 92 twin Turbo Soarer. Lately when ever start the engine it turns off after a couple of seconds. It doesnt turn off swiflty but the revs go down slowly and the engine stutters for a few secs then turn off. like a bit of a cough in the engine. It feels like a current or spark is not getting through somewhere. I have new spark plugs. Also this problem has not affected perfromance of my car. It still goes hard. I have got a warning beofre on the dash, i tried translating it and i think it said engine electronics. Does any one know what the problem could be?


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does the car ever loose power electronicly wither whilst driving or standing still cos it could mean your altinator going to *BLEEP* i had that problem but my car wouuld just loose completly tern of everything its not too big a deal to fix if that is the problem but you should get that checked out either that or its missing on start up untill you up the revs

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