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Stereo Removal Altezza Rs200 1999 (audioleads Fascia)

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I've been trying to replace the after-market head unit in my 1999 Altezza RS200. The one in the car is a baseline Panasonic model - it ok :unsure: - but I'm pretty keen to fit the decent mp3 Pioneer unit that I have on hand already :rolleyes: .

Looking at the different dash configurations mine has a felt tray above the a/c system and and already has an audioleads http://www.lexusownersclub.co.uk/forum/index.php?showtopic=11933&hl=audioleads+stereo facia in place (check out the link for pics of the fascia).

Looking at http://www.lexusownersclub.co.uk/forum/index.php?showtopic=46731&hl=grom+ipod post by hando it looks straight forward but I just cant get the audioleads fascia to come free in any way. I have tried gently lifting the felt tray and cant see any way to remove it, trying each of the methods in http://www.lexusownersclub.co.uk/forum/index.php?showtopic=2160&hl=remove++dash++tray post.

The previous installer (in NZ, prob the car dealer) has installed an after-market stereo without the metal mounting sleeve that usually quick-releases out a stereo. The stereo is screwed into the audioleads fascia, so without removing the audioleads fascia I'm not going to make any progress. I need to remove the stereo and audioleads fascia in one piece, then swap the stereos in the fascia before re-installing the fascia.

Has anyone had experience with taking out the audioleads fascia with this type of dash configuration or have any further tips on taking out the felt pad as I'm guessing this is the crucial part of the problem. Any help would be appreciated!

I've been offered an install for $70 which I guess I can do, but seeing as I have all the parts and someone much have done this before I'm keen as for a tip as to how I can get this sorted myself.

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OK I got it sorted so thought I'd put the info up in case anyone else needs help with this.

It turns out that the top of the console form just below the centre air vents up to behind the felt tray all pulls out from the clips.

To remove

Hold the felt tray/air vents with your fingers on the air vents and pull toward the back of the car firmly, the clips will release the the vents and felt pad will come away. Note this part comes out not upwards but straight backwards.

Once this part is removed there are obvious mounting bolts to remove the remaining parts. Removing the stereo was nothing to do with popping out the felt pad as I have seen mentioned, as the felt pad is screwed into the console.

Hope this helps B) !

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