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Hey guys,

Are there any repair manuals for the IS250 out there in general that can be downloaded?

I read somewhere that for the US version you have to sign up and pay a fee for local US residents only. Was wondering if anyone has a local copy on their computer somewhere?

On another note I want to change my interior light and not sure how to get to the bulb without damaging the casing. It's not mentioned anywhere in the owners manual.

I have the moonroof option.

Any feedback or suggestions are welcomed. :)

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There should be two litle groves on the clear part where the light shines through. Get a small flat blade screw driver and pop it out. Place a rag between the plastic and your screw driver cause it could damage the plastic

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I tried to remove just the transparent cover with no luck :( It seems everything is a tight fit. I might try with one of those fine precision screw drivers.

However I've search on other forums and apparently some people actually remove the whole unit just to get to the bulb :unsure:

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