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Mp3 Stereo For Is200

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just have a look at my iPod integration solution which offers also a possibility for regular non iPod Mp3 players and keeps the stock look.

The whole story you can read here:

Ipod Control Solution For Oem Stereo Is200/300 Finally Found, Affordable iPod/MP3 interface for stock headunit - plug'n play

Over here in Europe there lots of Lex drivers who own an Grom Adapter (including me) and for about 95% it's working fine.

If you are interested in a massive discussion (132 replies / 7900 views) about this solution please refer to the Lexus Owner Club UK

Ipod Control / Mp3 Player integration Solution For Oem Stereo Is200/300 MK I

And a little installation walkthrough with pics (free registration needed)

How To Install The Gromaudio Ipod Adaptor In 1st Gen Is, (also headunit removal)

Cheers from Berlin - Germany


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Dear All,

I wanted your suggestion how can I get an MP3 stereo player on my IS200 Year 2001 Model?

You could put in an IPOD Compatible head unit or a head unit with AUX in......

You'll need an adaptor / Custom dash panel...(Single or double DIN) I'm thinking of putting in a Alpine Double DIN head unit.

Something like this http://cgi.ebay.com.au/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?Vi...rksid=p3907.m29

But! i would think the stuff on ebay would be of poor quality, One of my friends is trying to order me one from somewhere though....the good ones are about a couple of hundred i think.

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