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hi all,

you may have noticed all the posts that i have replied to and moved up, no i'm not a bot, i am a person believe it or not haha i currently drive an S13 Silvia which is pretty highly modified, so much so that i can no longer daily drive it and it is off the road alot more than it is on the road getting various mods/upgrades. as a daily i drive a 91 Charade 3cyl 1 litre haha. below are some pics of the car at the Motorvation car show here in perth in January 08, and then below are some pictures of my new Work VS-XX i ordered custom-made from japan to fill out the flares. theyre kindof my dream wheels, measuring 18x9.5 -19 front with 5" dish, and 19x10.5 -24 rear with 6" dish.




New Rims




i am looking to "finish" the s13 in the next few months, put it in the Perth Auto Salon, then sell it. For my next car i am looking at a Lexus GS300. i intend to try not to get carried away on this car as i want it to be daily driven, and i also am looking to buy a house or at least rent so i want to stop spending most of my wages on my car!

that said, i do have a planned mod list for the GS when i get one. plans are to make it VIP style, so i am looking at LED taillights, clearer upgraded headlights, billet grille, coilovers, VIP style quad tip exhaust, roof wing, deleted boot wing, window weather shields, intake mod such as pod filter, and some 19" wheels that are very flush to the guard with stretched tyres to suit (rim lips kissing fender lips type situation haha)

though this may be not user-friendly/daily friendly, i think the cops will leave me be seeing as i will be in a lexus and even if i do get defected, it is as easy as raising the coilovers and putting my stock 16s back on!

i am looking at a 98 GS300 at present, in Vermillion red. one owner, full log books, 125k kms etc. Depending on the interest rate i get with finance i may buy this, otherwise i will wait a few months till i sell the S13 and look around then for another clean example perhaps on the east coast of Australia.

below is a very simple quick photoshop of the car im looking at with modified taillights, lowered, larger factory-type wheels, larger factory type exhaust..


hopefully stuff works out and i get it, or another GS in the coming months. i have a fair grasp of offsets/suspension and the like so hopefully i can help out. im not a mechanic or anything but i do like to poke around with my cars a bit too so i will help where i can on here :P



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cheers Steve, i was beginning to think noone ever came on here ... i've found Vipstylecars.com/forums so im frequenting there mostly now.

getting the front 225/35s for my 18x9.5s for the Silvia this weekend, along with replacing the console and seats etc so it should be just about ready to roll out of the garage, get a wash, and take some glamour shots! then go in the Perth Auto Salon and/or be sold..!

GS300 finance was approved and all is well so should be collecting in the next week or so. I've already had my guy in Japan pricing up parts for me so once ive got the car and paid the stamp duty i can start doing little things like clear fogs and LED tails...

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