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Quickshift Shortshifter For Lexus Is200 And Altezza Rs200 6mt


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we are a company from Austria Waffenschmiede Import & Tuning, and have manufactured a quickshift kit for the Lexus IS200, Altezza RS200 or Altezza AS200, it fits the 6 Speed manual Transmission.

This shifter is placed between the TRD and the B&M, as soft shifting as TRD Shifter, and nearly short as B&M shifter.

Here the product photo:


We have got 100pcs current in stock.

Price for Australian LOC members 70 euro plus shipping 27 euro = 97 euro for 1 pcs ordering.

For groupbuy I can do following conditions:

Groupbuy: (only shipping to one adress!)

pricing (without VAT):

up to 5-8 units 65 euro plus shipping 80 euro

9-16 units 60 euro plus shipping 145 euro

more than 16 units email me

Hopefully we can satisfy our Australian customers too *g*



PS: we are commercial trader in Europe LOC, hopefully you can accept it.

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