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Paint Correction Lexus Is 250 Over Two Days !

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Hello Guy's ,

I am fairly new to this forum ! My name is Mario and i am from Melbourne , here are shots of work that i did on this Lexus IS 250, as you have gathered by now i detail top end cars for a living .

The previous owner of this Lexus IS 250 obviously didn't know how to look after this car as evidenced by the very bad paint defects consisting of a collection of swirl marks , probably caused by a cowboy detailer or body shop. : :angry: :o

Plus it's share of very deep scratches and paint pitting on the front bonnet from

car wash brushes and driving on bad roads ! Anyway on with the correction.

For this car i used PO 85RD 3.01 , it didn't even put a dent on those very bad paint defects. So i decided to try Power Gloss with 6 1/2 " LC CCS Orange pads I used a Rotary polisher for the bonnet and some parts of the car ! That did the trick ! It eliminated almost 95% of the paint defects so that was a relief ! Surprised

I was also using my Flex polisher converted to the new Edge Adaptor for the quick connect system. It took a bit of getting used coming from a velcro system > It is very quick to change pads plus they are perfectly centered !

The good thing about this system is that you will be able to use smaller pads !

Ok, after using Power Gloss i switched to the PO 85 RD and Po 106FF to eliminate the polishing haze caused by Power Gloss !

I used the Flex with the Edge quick connect Blue Polishing Pad for removing holograms .

One thing i forgot to mention i also used the Flex with the Yellow cutting pad, Green Medium Cutting , White Extra Fine Polishing !

This combination also worked very well !

I Sealed the Paint with a Polymer Sealant from Wurth ( which last 18 months )the gloss levels are very similar to Zaino Z2.In my humble opinion this product leaves Zaino for dead !

Here are the results enjoy ! :D

50/50 Bonnet


After Bonnet


50/50 Door


Boot Lid 50/50 shot


Reflections shots





Enjoy the Pics

Thanks for reading

Regards Mario :D

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Gidday Mario ! Fancy seeing you here ;) :D

Gidday Losiho, what is your real name ?

Small world ! One of my friends recommended i become a member here as well even if i don't own a Lexus !

It always good to meet up with new people .

Speaking of meet ,there should be one end of August in Sydney all Detail Paradise Members as far as i know !

I will keep you posted via PM .

Regards Mario

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