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2002 Gs300 Wheel Fitment

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yep theyll fit, hit up these calculators in future but ill do some for ya...

This one tells you how far in/out they will sit compared to stock (provided you know stock data):

Wheel Offset Calculator: http://www.1010tires.com/WheelOffsetCalculator.asp

This one shows you how the rolling diameter will change compared to stock:


Now i did you some maths:

Offset wise stock wheels are 16x7.5 dont know exact offset but say +38 or so & your going to 18x8.5 +35 so they will stick out 16mm more and have 10mm less inside clearance. theres loads of room behind so dont worry about that, and youve got heaps of space out to the guards. Will fit easy.

Tyre size wise, using the tyre size calculator going from stock (based on tyre placard on my car) 225/55/16 to 245/40/18 is a perfect match in Radius, Diameter and a tiny difference in circumference. Overall it will be a 0.1% difference over stock, so basically bugger all.

long story short, itll be too easy and still look sunken in my opinion haha

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