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Replaced Waterpump...

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FFFFIIIINNNNAAALLLLYYYY I got my waterpump replaced by my local toyota dealer...( I do not want to say the name anymore)...

Placed the waterpump order since I replaced shocks (one and a half month ago). After a service booking problem caused by them. They arranged the job yesterday. I dropped my car into their service division at 8:30 AM.

Labour: SIX HOURS... I wondering how they can spent D...A...M...N long time on it. And they kept the car overnight until 10:30 AM today.

Problems: Front number plate seems smashed little bit like a minor accident happened. They replace the plate bezel. Left side low beam moved(they may hit the bulb base when they did the job). Even I can see the globe is not in the normal position. I'll go there tomorrow morning with the concerns above.

Bill: $640...... <_<

What can I say?!~!@#&^*( ;) ;) ;)

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