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So I Bought Some Spray Paint.....

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That looks stunning - amazing! Definitely keen on any DIY tips for doing the engine bits - especially the engine cover. Inspiration to do something similar myself!

Did you pick a special type of spray paint to do it? (considering heat?)

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it took me about 2 hours to do the engine cover, fuse box covers and all 4 calipers.

I cleaned all the parts to be painted thoroughly with "Windex multi surface with vinegar".....soap and water will do but i cant resist spray bottles lol. Just make sure you get them really clean. You can then go over the part with some 1000 grit sand paper if you like to help the paint bond (after sanding clean thoroughly again). I didnt do this with the engine cover because if i messed up i could clean it off and have the sparkly grey left unscathed.

I masked off the stripes, the dual vvti logo and the beams logo. That took the most time. I found it best to use a strip (or a few as the case may be) of masking tape for each stripe and logo seperately. Its a waste of masking tape but you dont get the tape sliding off one strip while your cutting the tape for the strip next to it. Just get a razor blade and go slow. I did 2 coats of the stuff but i didnt do a clear. The can of clear said it would dull the sparkly ness a little...so i left it off.

When spraying do it in 2-3 light coats. The first coat will look uneven and you will still see the base color...wait about 5-7mins (or see the directiosn on the back of the spray paint can) and do the other. Repeat till you get an even color. I didnt use any kind of special heat paint.....im dont think this stuff will burn off. I put the cover in the oven (shhhh dont tell my mum :D ) for about 3mins @ the lowest setting to help the paint cure. You dont have to do this....but it helps. Dont bother with the fuse covers...cause you could melt those.

thats it really....its not too hard and wont cost you the earth. And i feel the results are well worth the effort B)

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