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Loc Club Stickers

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Ok, two types of LOC stickers now available...


The first design fits perfectly into the rear triangular windows, they are one line saying "nz.lexusownersclub.com" and are approx. 20mm high x 240mm long


The second design is like the LOC logo in the top left of the club site, approx. size 100mm high x 220 long, and are designed to be stuck anywhere!


* The triangle window stickers are $10 per set [of two stickers]

* The larger stickers are $20 per sticker

= So its $30 for a set of all three :D

What a bargain!!! [Cos its not what you know, its WHO you know!!] :)


- Yellow :)

- Silver

- White

- Other colours too [but special colour runs could work out more expensive]

If you are interested, PM me with your address and which one/s you want, and I will get them sent out to you asap.

:) Diane

p.s. Sorry, due to the success of the last run of decals, we have run out of the popular Ginsu Steak Knives offer, :lol: but who needs an incentive like that to get these great LOC stickers for your car!!!! :D

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any chance of getting the guys in the uk to organise with melbourneit to have a cname for a new subdomain eg. au.lexusownersclub.com and have it point to nz.lexusownersclub.com

so this way we can get diane to do up some au.lexusownersclub.com stickers :)

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