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Looking At Buying A Soarer.. Know Nothing About Them

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Gday guys, Ive always been a ford man through and through but for my next car im purchasing in the next six months Im after something different. I wanted something thats got a bit of balls (quicker then my 15.1 1/4 mile EL fairmont) but still makes for a nice cruiser and gives me good reliability. I have done a little research on soarers but I just have a few more questions.

The JZZ30 - Twin-turbo 2.5L I assume is the pick of the bunch as far as engines go...How do they perform compared to the V8 as far as modding potential and reliability.

Also how much of a difference is there between the early model TT2.5, 4.0L and their later model equivalents?

What are the V8s like as far as performance and potential?

Also anything else I should know when going around and looking at them? Im not going to purchase for about 3 months but will begin my search now.

My aim is to find a car that is good looking, has some luxury appointments and cruising potential, power when needed and easily modified including stereo and stuff. If you have any other options that I could look at for under $10,000 Im looking at just about everything that isnt a holden.

I would like to purchase a car for under $10,000 then throw maybe $2-3k at it to get it how I want it.



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