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Wireless Door Lock Issue

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hey folks. i'm new here, just had a lil question, hoping u guys could help me figure this one out.

i got a 2001/2 altezza that also came with a non-working wireless door lock/remote.

i know there are some programming guides to re-register the key with the car. however, these guides are for the lexus is200/is300 models.

in addition, they require use with a lexus key that has 3 buttons on it (lock, unlock, trunk). but my key has only one lock/unlock button on the side.

see pic below


i know the guide works, 'cus when i follow it, the doors respond as they should, but when i get to the part that states...

- Press lock and unlock buttons simultaneously for no more than 2 secs

- Press any key on the keypad for more than 1 sec

...im lost. i try just holding down the one button, but that doesn't work, so i never get to complete the re-registration.

also, using the key in the driver's door, i can unlock all the doors, but i can't lock them all if i turn the key in the opposite direction. only the driver's door locks, but the others remain open. i have to lock all the doors from the switch inside the driver's door, then close, for all the doors to lock. is this normal???

does anyone else have this issue, or can suggest some ideas/solutions to the problems above?

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