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This thread is mostly directed at the Sydney based guys...

Anyone have pricings on dyno workshops in Sydney? Prices and/or reviews, list them here...

Maybe the more marketing biased members can try to sort out an arrangement for us LOC ppl.. whatever it takes to lower the bottom $$$$ :D

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definately sounds good... a nice way to pass up the afternoon... haha imagine 5+ lexus parked outside the doors.. and all the souped up cars driving pass saying... wtf?!? :lol:

anyway, i will be getting mine tuned in approx 3 weeks.. so if anyone wants their charts done the same day speak out..

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I would suggest you ask this question on Toymods, you will get plenty of response there.

All i can say is that you should go for a Dyno Dynamics dyno running in Shootout mode...i'm told this is the most accurate reading you can get, and is best for comparison. No dyno is truly accurate, which is why it is best used as a relative comparison tool for before/after mods.

I've heard some good things about Hills.

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made an enquiry to mrt rally which is 30 sec drive from my place..

they haven't done work on an is200.. being mostly a suburu shop.. yet a few things are attractive to me..


1) they do know their stuff in the performance regime

2) they have their own dyno (hence a one stop shop)

3) they are willing to put some time for background knowledge on the car

4) they are the aust. distributors for the water injection system i have and can customise this system for my needs (i have a few ideas floating around)

so hopefully the work will be within my budget... will let you know soon-ish!

big con:

1) they have not done any engine/performance mods on an is200

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