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Clutch Is200 Replacement

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Hi all,

new to the forum & close to purchase of a manual is200. a car I am considering has had the dual plate clutch replaced with a heavy duty performace clutch from a recognised clutch supplier/fitter. is this a viable normal modification. i have heard the twin clutch is very expensive to replace - the car is nice but if this replacemnet is not normal or a no no due to later problems some advice would be great. it is a 2000 model.

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hi asn,

Generally dual/twin plate clutches are derived for higher power or in the extreme to reduce the flywheel/clutch diameter to get the crankshaft centreline down in the vehicle for performance applications. Being a recent IS200 owner and my background as a mechanic, I would lean to thinking that the single plate substitution shouldn't present any problems as long as the components are a reputable kit. This change is not uncommon amongst other vehicles for various reasons going to or from twin clutch plates.

The 1G-FE engine is by no means overly powerful with modest power to weight and as good a sedan as it is, its not a sports car. A couple of considerations would be possible higher peddle pressure if aftermarket, increased long term wear and tear from the reduction of clutch surface area and with less inertia in the flywheel/clutch assembly the engine response could vary slightly.

hope this helps.

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