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Hi guys im going to be a new owner today of a 1992 ES300. Picking her up for $3300, BARGAIN!

Well 3 things that made me drop the price more and they were happy with it.

1: drivers window down work, How hard is it too fix???

2: Dented and rusted bonnet. *not happy jan*

3: Rego is due next month.

But other then that smooth ride, no oil leaks or nothing.

Here is piccies




Oh im also an owner of a 1991 corolla seca too but im selling that up so if you know anyone looking lets me know....


Theres a picture of it..... atm its getting fixd to pass the pits (darn pigs) only pulled me over for tires and my lights so.... nothing bad but getting everything fixed...

Well cya


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Congrats on the purchase, looks nice and clean from the outside. I paid $3500 for my 1993 model.

Not hard to fix the window. I had the same problem which was caused my the window motor, pulled it out and rubbed the switch with some sand paper and there it is, up and down it went.

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