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No Kickdown + Trc Errors 19 And 45

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On my Celsior, the TRC light comes on after about 5 minutes of driving and stays on. I also notice that my transmission does not kick down when I put my foot down, but the transmission problems came about 1 day after this TRC light.

No transmission error codes, but there are TRC Errors stored

I checked and got :

19 - TRAC motor ON and OFF operation is higher than a predetermined number of times (accumulator pressure leakage)

45 - When idle switch is ON, main throttle position sensor signal is 1.5V or higher

Could somebody explain to me what the actual problems are related with 19 and 45, and could any of this be related to the transmission not kicking down when i put the foot down?

By any chance is the error codes I am getting related to the transmission not kicking down. why?

Also by any chance are the two codes related to eachother, e.g one code is coming up because of the problem regarding the other. why?


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