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Exhaust Options - Branded Catback Or Local Custom Job

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I currently have the F-Sport intake installed and whilst this piece of kit is a revelation in terms of the sound it pumps out I feel the noise coming out the rear is still a disappointment with the stock exhaust setup and the stock tips just look crap.

I have researched all the branded catback options (eg. Tanabe, HKS) available out of the US and whilst appealing due to the fact they are generally bolt on, the shipping charges are absolute robbery. I really like the look and sound of the Joe Z PTS True Dual setup but think I'd be remortgaging the house to have one landed here.

Hopefully someone can help me with the following questions:

* What's the cheapest way to land a branded cat back system? A guy at L-Tuned quoted me almost as much as the cost of the exhaust to ship to AUS!! Shipping charges from Ebay vendors seem similarly prohibitve.

* Has any one had any experience getting a local custom exhaust fitted? An exhaust shop I visited today suggested simply going with twin Magnaflow straight thru resonators at the rear with 4" tips - anyone done this mod?

* Has anyone deleted the resonator on their IS250? Happy with the result? The vids on Youtube suggest the result is a little on the 'raspy' side.

I'm in Melbourne so any local exhaust shop recommendations would be appreciated.

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