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Hello And Looking For Problem Solution

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Hello everyone, this is my first post. My Lexus is a 2002 IS200SE auto. My dad bought this car as new before I bought it off him last year and I believe the car has no modifications. Recently I moved into an apartment with an undercover carpark with a rather steep entrance (upward). I always enter at an angle, one wheel at a time, but there is still scraping to the undercarriage.

From the sound it makes, I think it is a plastic part. Does anyone know what this is, and how serious this is? At times the car also makes a high-frequency wizzing sound (coming from the engine?) when it scrapes and I'm not sure what this is either. After this happening a handful of times I decided to park my car outside but the Sydney inner city air has dirtied it somewhat and on the weekend someone decided to key-scratch the rear side-panel. I've taken the car into repairs and for a pressure-wash and when it comes back I will most likely try and park it in the carpark to avoid this happening again. As a solution I have been thinking of raising the ride height in ther front of the car. The scraping doesn't sound excessive, it sounds like only a light scrape.

If anyone could give me some tips, or offer some knowledge regarding this problem it would be much appreciated! Thanks!

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Maybe hop out of the car when it scraps and have a look?

Sorry for the simple answer but we arent there to see what it is scraping on. There are mud flags, Front bar, rear bar, the Under body

If the high-frequency wizzing sound is at the same time check this at the same time.

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I agree with Geoff. Take a look. It would be one of the plastic covers guarding the underside of your car from all sorts of things. Stones, little kids, animals. :P If u dont wanna scraps it nemore. Jack ur car up using ur jack and take a look, look for scratches. If this doesnt help. Id recommend getting some coilovers. Theyll improve ride quality and handling. :)


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