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Independent Mechanics In Melb?

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Hi guys,

As my new is200 has just tipped over the 150k mark, I'm going to want to get the cambelt changed, along with the water pump I reckon (looks like it's leaking slightly).

I've always been the type to do some of my own servicing, along with a good independent mech for bigger jobs, and while this doesn't look to be too hard to do I'm inclined to get it done properly based on how critical timing belts are. Can anyone recommend any independent mechs in melbourne for our cars, or are the dealers really that popular? If so, is there any suggestions for one dealer over another for mechanical servicing?



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Oh well,

For what it's worth, I've got it booked into blackburn lexus now, with a quote of $995 for cambelt kit and a water pump change (inc labour).

And no they didn't con me into getting the water pump done, and yes I know it doen't need to be done with the belt. I want to get it looked at because there's some nasty dried out red gunk built up behind the water pump pulley that looks like it would be from leaking coolant. It's quite large chunks of the stuff.

Anyway, thought the price might be interesting to others,


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