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Few Questions About The Ls400

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Alright, A couple minor issues to fix up.

1. Anyone know the part number for wheel bearings? And which suppliers in Australia have them.

2. My Temp gauge sits just under half way for it's "Zero" and increases to just under the red while running. It isn't overheating but unsure why the sensor regards half way as Cold. Any suggestions as to the cause would be great.

3. What Paths do we usually go down when it comes to Cold air induction, I can't see much space for an upgrade.

4. Ill be removing some of the exhaust restrictions to make it a little louder and free up some horses, any advice on your setup and maybe even a sound Sample would be really appreciated. (So far I am thinking of keeping the factory x-pipe and just removing Cats/Resonators and 2 new mufflers up the back.)

5. Blacked out Climate control face.. Where do I find a good replacement unit in Australia?

6. Last but no least, Any testimonials on decently priced Height Adjustable coilovers?

All help is appreciated, Ill keep scouting the forums but I figure it's best to ask as well, as most of you have probably been through the hoops already.



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Hey Steve,

How ya going?

I am sort of able to help you with some questions....


That site is US but has alot of usfull do it yourself stuff on it.

mite help you with the blacked out screen..

Also i just got the exhaust done on my 92 LS400

I went from the cats back, 2 1/4 pipe straight through on each size and a straight through mufflers with bigger tips.

the piping in mandrel and it gives it a nice v8 note now. way better. this was done quite cheap at about $650.

I also have fitted G4 adjustable coilovers they cost me about 5-600 off ebay and they have been working great ive set it up stiff and have rolled the inner lip of my rear gaurds so it doenst scrub.

Ive got 19's and they are also quite good..

Ill post some pics up in the near futer.

Hope any of this advice helps



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Nice, I've done a lot of reading since this post. "Pretty quiet forum here" And after about a week of solid research I've kinda decided the gear I want.

Tanabe coilovers are the only ones with the spring rate and ride height that I am going to be chasing, I don't think the G4's go as low and they might scrub more. But ya definitely pay more for that.

Also how did you get a mandrel bend exhaust for that much? Is it full stainless? Mine is going to be roughly twice the cost without mandrel I think. But high quality mufflers/tips

Ill be posting up some pics/vids when I got a few things done.

Ill forget the Climate display for now, It's no biggie


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Yeh its pretty quite on here....

Yeh sounds good, my coilovers have lowered my car so the front is as high as the tip of the tire, and the rear is almost as low as the tip of the rim if that makes sense so it is tucking.

It also doesnt scrub. with the old exhaust the car was sitting about 70-80 mm from the ground to lowest point which was the exhaust mufflers in the middle of the car but since the new exhaust has been put on its sitting 102mm. to keep it legal

Yeh i got it done quite cheap through a mate at a exhaust and mechanical shop.

But even so your exhaust shouldnt cost that much. with my quote i had with out the mandrel bends it was only 450 from cats back..

Where abouts are you living if you are up this way i can pass on the number if you want a quote through him??


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1. See if CBC Bearings can do anything for you.

2. Could be faulty temp sender or problem in the guage?

3. It's called the "BFI" Intake, lots of detailed information on Soarer Central forums on it.

5. I have a new climate control screen, I have PM'ed you.

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