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  1. hehe:) sorry thats the only one i've looked for as it was the only thing i needed for my lexus, that and the dvd hack, got that too if anyone is interested. sorry for the long time to reply, was away.
  2. I have not asked about a bypass for the seat belt reminder to deliberately drive around without a seatbelt. However i knew someone would post such a reply. Not that i need to explain why i need the hack but for those that must know picture this scenario. You have automatic gates infront of your house. You are arriving home and need to get the remote out of your pocket to open the gate, so you take your seatbelt off, drive in and beep beep beep beep till you park your car and turn off the engine. Now unless i am going to hit someone when there is no one home or a truck is going to come out of thin air, i'd think it'd be safe to say that i can drive down my driveway without my seatbelt. And for those who are interested i have found the hack and the walkthrough is below: 1. turn the key to the ON position (press Start 2 times), foot off the brake 2. cycle the odometer with the trip reset button until the ODO is displayed (not trip A or B ) 3. turn the ignition to the LOCK (OFF) position 4. unbuckle the driver's seatbelt if it was buckled. 5. turn the key to the ON position (Press Start 2 times). when the dash lights have come on, press and hold the trip reset button and count a slow 12 seconds. (editor's note, hold it more like 30 sec) 6. while still holding the trip reset button, buckle the driver's side seatbelt. 7. the odometer display should read "b ON" or "b OFF". toggle the beep OFF with the trip reset. 8. the process should be completed when you unbuckle or turn the key off To turn on again just simply repeat process and make appropriate selection at step 7.
  3. Hi All, I have had my IS250 for about 2 months and have been driven mad by the seat belt reminder. Does anyone here know how to disable it so that it doesn't beep like crazy when i don't want to put my seat belt on. Any help would be appreciated. Cheers,
  4. Hi All, I am interested in purchasing a IS250 Prestige w/Enhancement Pack, but was a little disappointed to find out that the DVD player does not work while the car is in motion. It has been mentioned on the UK Forums that this can be bypassed with a wiring hack but no mention as to how to actually do it. Can anyone shed some light on this topic as any help would be appriciated!