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  1. Price drop, $36,000.
  2. 2011 Lexus IS-F in great condition. Second owner and has been well looked after and has full service history and books. Has recently had the Valley Plate repair completed by Lexus of Springwood so you won't have to worry about that for this car. Has Joe-Z. This Lexus represents great value at $39,000 and it will come with a roadworthy certificate. The car is garaged at Merrimac on the Gold Coast and please don't hesitate to contact me with any questions.
  3. Oil and filter has been changed. I'll be selling it direct to within the week unless it is sold.
  4. It's been for sale for 3 months, price dropping from $45 to now $38, with zero test drives. No mention of leak in the ad. The interest for this car is near non-existant.
  5. I top it up the bottle with about 250-300ml every second week. Unfortunately I don't have the $2k to do the fix, hence urgent sale. Life threw a spanner in the works and my lifestyle has to become frugal.