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  1. Thanks for the towbar suggestion bazzle, I'm in Brisbane but will see what insights they may have. Thanks for your feedback water
  2. That's good, just need to find a towbar solution. I am looking for a decent sedan which can also do periodic modest towing duties, so I was hoping the IS350 might do the job.
  3. That's pretty bad. I wonder how it would go towing approx 1000kg caravan, as if I owned it rather than stole it.
  4. Morning all, I am considering buying a GSE31R IS350 luxury or sports luxury. I've heard they are not too good on fuel. I've searched the forum etc but was hoping for a little more precise info. I was just wondering if I could get feedback from people on the actual fuel consumption for suburban only (not daily commuting into CBD) and highway only assuming driven quite conservatively (yes, perhaps a bit of a waste!) Thank you for your feedback Kelshouse