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  1. RCF brake rotors and pads

    Long story short on this saga: got a second opinion on the brakes and it turns out that the front rotors could be machined and pads replaced and the rear rotors were in near perfect condition! Suffice to say that I am disgusted with Lexus Indooroopilly's attempted gouge... This, combined with the dealerships refusal to offer the pick up and delivery service because i didnt purchase the car through them means that i will never use these shonks again! Be warned: Ned Kelly has nothing on these clowns!
  2. RCF brake rotors and pads

    Thanks mate, ill give them a try.
  3. RCF brake rotors and pads

    30,000km. I am going to get the rotors measured next week to see if they can be skimmed and have new pads fitted but im not hopeful. Thanks forthe info! What sort of money are you expecting to pay?
  4. RCF brake rotors and pads

    I am hoping someone can help me, please. My 2014 RCF needs new rotors and pads front and rear and I was wondering if there are alternatives available to the OEM stuff? I am in Brisbane. Thanks in advance! Mark
  5. RCF service in Brisbane

    Thanks guys, much appreciated!
  6. RCF service in Brisbane

    Hey guys (and gals), first post here so go easy on me! I just took traded in my RC350 for an RCF and cannot be happier in the short time I have owned it! Can anyone suggest somewhere in Brisbane (southside) to get my baby serviced? Cheers, Mark