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  1. What is happening? Android has just done a major update and now Lexus Enform does not work. Every few seconds it keeps opening and crashes on my galaxy s8. I have been reading the complaints by people on the google play store and it appears to be a widespread issue.
  2. I found out finally the problem here, its the spare tire in the car is linked into this system. Knowing this is pretty cool but it would have been nice for someone in Lexus pointing it out.
  3. This is true of every cruise control system I have had. You may find this discussion interesting on this subject
  4. My air indicator is lighting up. I checked my air pressure in the tires and they are at 32 Psi. So I press button on the bottom, count to 6 and the indicator switches off. Then it switches off. Shortly afterwards switches on again. I test the tyres again and the pressure is fine. What is wrong ?
  5. The lexus app for Australians is not as good as the US app. I asked Lexus and they said Aussies cannot use it. Anyone got it to work on Australian Lexuses???
  6. Can I get google maps to replace the existing Lexus navigation system?