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  1. Hi all, Im looking to lower my is250 pretty significantly and coilovers are out of my price range just at the moment however I do plan on organising some later down the line. At the moment peders suggested some eibachs which from what ive read lower the car about 35mm which as we should all know is what these cars shouldve come like from the factory so im now considering some springs which claim to do 50mm and also offer 70mm. Id like to see the wheels tuck a little and 70mm sounds good Im just wondering if anyone with coilovers has lowered this much and ran into any problems im on stock 18s at the moment and besides killing my struts and scraping everywhere i dont see any other problem in 70mm all help is appreciated thanks guys.
  2. Hi all new to the group, new to lexus IS ownership :) So Ive had my is250 for a very short while now and want to waste no time making it sound a little better, however besides invidias on ebay im having trouble finding exhausts and all parts for that matter that dont have ridiculous shipping costs to australia. Now i know exhuasts from america will cost a fortune regardless but Im wondering if anyone has any links or go to websites for exhuasts preferably tanabe or greddy. Better still is anyone in melbourne looking to sell an exhuast? Thanks guys all help is appreciated.